I present to you a long list of blog posts


  1. Welcome to Android
    3rd November
  2. Back in the side-project groove
    28th August
  3. Terraform adventures: Deploy a serverless microservice ~2 mins
    10th August
  4. Terraform adventures: Host a static website ~5 minutes
    16th July
  5. 500 kilometres of electric-car, west-coast exploring
    24th June
  6. Running ActionCable behind Elastic Load Balancers on AWS
    31st March External
  7. Fixing up my vimrc
    26th March
  8. How this website (currently) works
    21st March
  9. Deploying indigo-falcon to production!
    20th March External
  10. Phasing out my laptop setup script
    9th February
  11. Heroku Deploy button treasure hunt with GitHub and BigQuery
    12th January


  1. A Weekend with The Google Cloud Platform
    26th December
  2. NEXT London 2016 - Google Cloud Platform's User Conference
    28th October External
  3. TIL at Container Camp
    9th September
  4. Development Re-bundling in Dockerland
    5th September External
  5. Things I like about Rust
    11th July
  6. 2016 Macbook for software development: First Impressions
    11th July
  7. Getting a full refund for a faulty Macbook under UK consumer law
    24th June
  8. Querying dependency graphs with Cypher and Neo4j
    3rd March
  9. serializer turns 1
    28th February
  10. Heroku Security Paper
    9th February
  11. Query corruption paper
    9th February


  1. Deploying Go as a binary on Heroku
    26th December
  2. Running out of letters - A natbib journey
    17th October
  3. Heroku Outage Analysis
    15th October
  4. Summer at Unboxed - Round Two
    2nd October External
  5. Tutoring Codebar
    25th August
  6. Building and 'shipping' my side project
    22nd May
  7. Enter:
    14th April
  8. I read a book
    24th January


  1. Digesting News with Twitter and IFTTT
    18th December
  2. Unboxed
    29th September
  3. I Built a Gaming PC
    31st January


  1. Vend POS & replacing desktop apps
    7th September
  2. My IT Technician's Tools of the Trade
    10th August
  3. Getting another perspective on IT
    20th July
  4. Say no to lucky-dip level-ups
    8th June
  5. 1 year down
    1st June
  6. Personal Analytics
    6th April
  7. Full-on Typos
    30th March
  8. Gamification for Good
    23rd March
  9. My problems with online tests
    16th March
  10. Keymonk and Swype
    27th February
  11. Remove Dupes from the 'Open With' Menu
    26th February
  12. Umano
    24th February
  13. The BBC doesn't understand the Internet - again
    22nd February
  14. Bungie & Destiny
    19th February
  15. Instagram - First Impressions
    17th February
  16. Learning programming through websense
    16th February
  17. Automatic brightness adjustment doesn't work yet
    13th February
  18. Where should I post photos
    10th February
  19. Thinking about &
    9th February
  20. Terminal-at-Folder
    8th February
  21. Getting stuck & self-teaching Rails
    5th February
  22. Autocompletion as a tool for learning
    4th February
  23. Passing keywords to search engine results
    31st January
  24. IFTTT: Trigger Happy
    28th January
  25. Notification Duplication
    26th January
  26. Authentication at Aberdeen University
    24th January
  27. Start of a Study
    18th January
  28. The Genre Games
    12th January
  29. Why I don't like writing code in exams
    10th January
  30. Some benchmarking tools
    7th January
  31. 'Sharing' as Feature
    5th January


  1. Where? But to the web!
    22nd December
  2. Equivocating Excellence
    21st December
  3. Payment Without Trial
    20th December
  4. A positive experience with Sublime Text's support
    18th December
  5. Remembering to take breaks
    15th December
  6. Frozen Synapse [Review]
    14th December
  7. Where online MCQ tests fall short
    12th December
  8. The underrated iPod Shuffle
    10th December
  9. The various shortcomings of 'App Stores'
    8th December
  10. The problem with speaking to my phone
    7th December
  11. Skeuomorphic Apps and Backwards Compatibility
    4th December
  12. My first computer
    3rd December
  13. Coderunner
    2nd December
  14. Coequal Contestants
    1st December
  15. Prologue
    30th November