We had a computer when I was very young - I can hardly remember - it broke and was never replaced. When you’re that age you don’t think anything of it - just get on with life, forget about it the next day.

Years later, shortly after the demise of the Lego phase computers popped up again, we started using for writing ‘stories’ at school. Not having access to one at home, the eight year old charlie spent as much time as possible on them. While I can’t remember exactly, I’m sure from at day forth the parent pestering began. And I wasn’t giving up till we had one of these computer things too.

They fought a long battle and it was 2005 by the time we got our ‘replacement’ computer. It couldn’t have come at a better time, years earlier and computers would have been boring, any later and I would have found some other interest to pour my childhood into. This is the story of the iBook G4.

There was an art project going on at school, there are always art projects at school but this one was different: It came with an artist. His name was John McNaught and he moved around different schools doing projects. He is a key figure in the story for one reason: He had a Powerbook G3, and it had Adobe Photoshop. Photoshop is amazing, such a powerful tool, such incredible fun. So there I was, the ten year old charlie, addicted to Photoshop and in serious need of a computer.

There was peace on the battleground by Christmas of 2005 - all thanks to Mr McNaught (and perhaps some parental finances).