Computer dictation is something I’ve spent a much time trying out. Sadly, it’s been a let down but not due to poor accuracy.

Things are fine when it’s only you for miles around, alone and productive. However when there’s anyone else nearby it’s just not practical. Nearby doesn’t just mean next to you on the train, it can mean in the same building! Yes I know it sounds crazy but I’ll explain.

First off you have to speak very loudly - much louder than a typical conversation. It’s just really disrupting to others when you have to broadcast every command. You’re often repeating lines, correcting phrases, and all in your robotic “Cap-discordant…Cap-dictation” voice. Also, even while you aren’t a secret agent, It’s not ideal for everyone to hear your every Google search.

Noise. While the act of dictation makes lots of it, at the same time, it’s completely intolerant of it. Even someone walking about nearby, or closing doors, seemed to be enough to mis-create words.  While it’s good in totally quiet situations for my accent, I’m sure it’s better at dealing with an American accent. Fed an American voice in noisy surroundings it may well cope better.

Technically it’s brilliant but, due to these social noise related issues, the feature is rendered close to useless and I’d say no technological advancement will change this any time soon.