The subtle iPod Shuffle often gets overlooked, and rarely spends time in the spotlight. This is because it has, as a class of device, truly fulfilled it’s purpose as the simplest music player.

I would say I’m a keen runner and spend about three hours a week running. For every minute I run, my shuffle runs with me. It’s mass and modesty make it the ideal running companion.

I have five running playlists:

Contrary to the popular belief these are actually easy to switch between on the Shuffle. Just hold in the voice over button to hear the playlists read out. As far as running music goes it’s the best option out there, but is there room for Shuffle+?

I think there is. It would be marginally more featured and aimed at runners. This is something I’ve searched for on many occasions and I know there remains a vacant niche.

This new device would have two main new features:

The technology exists, the market exists - howbeit the device does not, and it should.