At the same time as thinking that I’m slowly growing out of video games I remain utterly fascinated by the by the universe of my favourite series: Halo.

I got into Halo quite a long time ago, early primary school in fact - back then it was Halo: Combat Evolved. However I've only closely followed the franchise since Halo 3.

Currently Halo is in an interesting place, with a new studio poised to grow the universe. They’ve got the staff, tools and capital to make it happen too. While Halo 4 still feels hot off the press there is talk of the future and how Halo should play the market long term.

While it’s not a popular option, I think they need to aim for maximum revenue and audience, not because it necessarily creates great games but because it generate some new support and capital to explore more delicate markets.

There is talk of other genres and I see this as being really exciting. I personally would be very interested in any RTS developments, not matter how far down the line they may crop up. Halo Wars was a great game and was only let down by it’s poor platform options (Xbox Only).

I think they need to make a big push to the professional arena, they need to look to keep their FPS games as lean and competitive as attention rises in pro gaming. Whilst doing this they can explore and perhaps make a push for Starcraft with a competitive Sci-Fi RTS.

Whatever they need to do they need to keep their options open and aim to pull in new fans with more than a million dollar advertising campaign.