I’m quite interested in an app called Summly, what originally interested me was the coverage on BBC. I guess I was surprised by his age. In an interview he talks about how he came up with the idea, it seems the idea was, originally, merely a search enhancement  I think Summly is great, however the problem described in search remains unsolved.

The problem for him was doing a lot of reading, regularly having to load a new result from search and find the content of interest. I don’t see why this has to be a problem though.

The add-on would monitor the search term from the Google search page or it’s URL. When a link was clicked this would could then be passed to the browsers search to find the search terms within the resulting page. There could be options too, some might just want highlighting but there would be scope to add in automatic scrolling to the page location too. It depends on the nature of the results page really. For a long PDF scrolling would be useful but in a news article simply highlighting might be enough.

You might also want to make it so that the results page was opened in a new tab to preserve the original search page and it’s position.

This is clearly a problem, not a big one by any means, but something we can certainly improve in terms of usability.