I’ve been working quite a bit with Rails recently and have gotten well and truly stuck. I finally gave in after about 5 hours yesterday and posted here, on stackoverflow. I’m currently waiting it out. Sadly the response hasn’t been the same as it has been in the past - perhaps just because it’s the weekend.

All that I’m trying to do is build a simple 2-level comment system for my project. There is a comment left and then a single response. It seems repeating the same technique used to create comments on posts recursively has not worked. Anyway this brings me on to my topic.

Much the same as yesterday’s topic, today’s is about learning RoR. I’m finding it much harder to grasp than anything I’ve ever had to learn before. I’ve yet to experiment and get something right - all I’ve really been able to do is bend guides to suit what I want them do to. What I’m trying to say is that I’ve yet to complete a problem totally independently.

What is it about the Rails Framework that I’m finding so awkward?

Firstly I would say that it is fundamentally more complex than what I’ve had to do before. There are many more related components and more needs to be done in separate areas to make a single feature work.

The second major one is the exception handling. In Visual Studio exceptions are tailored to your code, the code in question is highlighted and suggestions made. In Rails there is none of that there seem to fewer error messages that mean more things - certain at the level I’m at anyway. This means that when you do go looking for help online there are many people with the same exception but few with the same problem underneath.

These two issues combined make the work a fair bit harder to get done and keep you stuck on single problems for longer. There is just little to go on when it comes to getting to the root of a problem.

I will stick at it for now.