I used to take quite a few photos - digital photography and Photoshop were really what got me into computers in the first place. I did have a go at submitting to istockphoto with a few of my better ones. They were only ever interested in ‘happy people shots’ and I didn’t like taking pictures of people - so that died off. The next thing was deviantart.com a few years later but I got bored of that too and closed my account.

There’s been a serious amount of down time on the photo front and I've decide to change that. With my phone I can use sharing services right from that and geotag photos - add an extra dimension.

I’ve been looking into flickr and Instagram and now have both. Instagram gets a bad rap but quite frankly has the better app. I’ve set up a few IFTTT recipes to sync new photos to flickr and on to Twitter after that to get round the Instagram anti-Twitter policy.

I’m liking it so far and have added one new photo (others taken previously) - thinking about trying to do one each day - however I doubt there are that many nice places to photograph on campus!