Keymonk was really great and it felt like a truly innovative product. A few weeks ago I read this and decided it was time for a change once again. Swype had been the keyboard of choice before Keymonk. I think what I really want is a mix of the two.

From Keymonk I want the two finger capability - I see that is a big plus point. It just seems so odd that when you Swype you have to start only using one finger? Especially when you can use two on all the others! Keymonk also allows swiping to remove whole words which is a really useful feature. Keymonk also looks better - in my opinion - and is certainly easier to discover and install. I’m not really sure why Swype isn’t on Google Play.

Swype however has the key feature for a sloppy typist - accuracy. Yes, it turns my wild swipes into words better than any other option out there. It's predictive options and integration are also a plus point. Recently it’s also gained the third party libraries making it even more accurate.

So I’m back to Swype. However, I’ll remain on the lookout for a keyboard that allows me to: