Running a cheap GKE cluster: Revisted

Mar 2 2019 - Last year I wrote a post about how I run my personal cluster in a cost-effective way on GKE. I’ve since been able to automate the main manual step and thought I’d post a short update. Read

Tracking all the plays or how I learned to stop worrying and build my own

Nov 20 2018 - For my latest side project I built a tool to better track the music I listen to. I now have a single BigQuery table with my play history from Spotify, Youtube, Soundcloud and Shazam. Read

Running a wiki with Gollum on Kubernetes

Sep 1 2018 - I’ve long been searching for a good, self-hosted, personal wiki. I went as far to build my own with client-side encryption running on Heroku as a Rails app. Read

Running a cheap GKE cluster with public ingress & zero load balancers

Aug 15 2018 - Update: I’ve posted about a small refinement here. Joining Jetstack earlier this year finally convinced me that I needed a side-project cluster. All the cool kids had one and I wanted one too. Read

Bringing Photoshop image-stacking to mobile with FFmpeg, Hugin, ImageMagick &

Apr 22 2018 - Update You can try the project here. Code available here. Intro At the end of last year I started paying for a Creative Cloud subscription so that I could use the Adaptive Wide-Angle Filter to correct distorted images taken with my Moment Superfish Lens and play with image stacking to take more interesting night-time shots. Read

I made an interactive portfolio site with Hugo

Apr 7 2018 - My last post explained about how I create backups of my Instagram posts. I had a few people ask about why this was useful. Other than the Instagram doomsday-scenario, in it’s current form (a git repo with some images and JSON metadata) it wasn’t. Read

Backing up Instagram

Mar 4 2018 - I enjoy using Instagram to share my photos. The restricted feature-set; public-by-default; similarities to Twitter & (original) square format constraint all appeal. Last year I completed a #365photochallenge on Instagram. Read

Welcome to Android

Nov 3 2017 - For a series of reasons I recently bought a Google Pixel 2. I’ve been wanting a change of scene and to go back to Android for some time - so far it’s going well. Read

Back in the side-project groove

Aug 28 2017 - Since starting work full-time I’ve been lacking the energy and time for side projects. Recently I’ve had a few free weekends and have completed initial versions of two new projects. Read

Terraform adventures: Deploy a serverless microservice ~2 mins

Aug 10 2017 - terraform destroy has been a game changer for my public cloud toy projects. Building up a reproduceable config that can brought straight back the next time you come to work on the project is invaluable. Read