Building a contact list in Notion that works for me

Jun 6 2020 - Earlier this week I found myself migrating my contact list to Notion. I decided to do this because I was lacking the following features in Outlook to effectively manage my contacts: Read

SemVer comparisons with OPA

May 8 2020 - I recently found myself faced with the task of writing OPA policies that involved comparing Semantic Versions. It seemed like an interesting challenge, and something more useful than validating Christmas trees… Read

Introducing charlieegan3/infrastructure

Dec 8 2019 - Since starting at Jetstack I’ve spent much time building a personal Kubernetes cluster to run my various side projects. I no longer run anything on Heroku, Lamdba, App Engine or Netlify. Read

Fun things I did in Rego while validating Christmas Trees

Dec 5 2019 - I’ve been working on fun project recently for the ‘Christmas Show & Tell’ event at the London Computation Club. At club show and tells there are imaginary points available for matching the theme. Read

What to do with all these cluster updates...

Nov 6 2019 - This year at work I’ve been building out a platform on Google’s managed Kubernetes offering GKE. While GKE makes it easier to automate the provisioning and management of clusters - managing updates of anything more than a handful of clusters can quickly becomes painful without the right tools. Read

Refunding my faulty Macbook with another EU consumer law claim

Nov 2 2019 - I recently got a faulty 2016 12” Macbook refunded by making an EU consumer law claim. I’ve done this once before in 2016; now more familiar with the process I thought I’d write up round two. Read

'Please feel free to use a toilet' & other things I liked about Japan

Oct 26 2019 - I went to Japan last month. As we walked around I found myself enjoying the little differences more than anything else. Since returning, I’ve found myself talking about them a lot and thought it’d make for quite a good alternative write up of the trip. Read

How a simple admission webhook lead to a cluster outage

Sep 5 2019 - Jetstack often works with customers to provision multi-tenant platforms on Kubernetes. Sometimes special requirements arise that we cannot control with stock Kubernetes configuration. In order to implement such requirements, we’ve recently started making use of the Open Policy Agent project as an admission controller to enforce custom policies. Read on External Site

Introducing our best-practice GKE Terraform module

Aug 8 2019 - Jetstack works with many customers using Google Cloud’s Kubernetes Engine. We work closely with teams to configure their clusters to conform with best practises. Read on External Site

Running a cheap GKE cluster: Revisted

Mar 2 2019 - Last year I wrote a post about how I run my personal cluster in a cost-effective way on GKE. I’ve since been able to automate the main manual step and thought I’d post a short update. Read