Using BigQuery PERCENTILE_CONT to Find My Best Value Albums

Nov 16 2022 - I have been a Spotify subscriber for over 10 years. I use their API and data from to keep a record of all my play history. Read

toolbelt - Building a personal side project platform

Oct 10 2022 - I’m fortunate to have both the time and energy to work on technical side projects in my spare time. I feel joy when I automate something tedious or make something new possible for my single customer (me! Read

Modern workload identity with SPIFFE & Trust Domains

Aug 12 2022 - A workload is a running instance of an application. Workload identities are how workloads trust and get trusted by each other. Workloads need to communicate with other workloads to function and, in doing so, need a mechanism to prove their identity to others. Read on External Site

Creating a DIY offline YouTube watch list with Inoreader, yt-dlp, Zapier, GitHub Actions and Dropbox

Jul 15 2022 - Update: Zapier webhooks are now a premium integration, I have now built my own handler for this transformation here Earlier this week I was sitting on the tube (London metro) and found myself doing something that I wish I didn’t. Read

Authorizing requests with embeddable logic programming DSLs

May 8 2021 - Over the past 18 months I’ve become interested in the idea of standardizing authorization checks in software. This interest started when using Open Policy Agent (OPA) as an admission controller for Kubernetes environments at work two years ago. Read

About 7 days of Racket

Mar 6 2021 - I decided to spend a few hours over the course of about 2 weeks playing with Racket. I suppose these were my reasons for doing this: Read

How we built a company & culture around continuous change

Jan 22 2021 - Jetstack has tripled in size over the last 3 years. Our team is now 35 strong and works from 7 countries - 4 more than this time last year. Read on External Site

Fun things I’m doing with GitHub Actions

Sep 7 2020 - Two years ago, GitHub announced Actions, their repo-integrated, workflow automation product. It took me ages to get access, then when I finally did, it seemed to get a bit of a bad review for being rough around the edges. Read

Teaching Rego to compare Semantic Versions

Aug 31 2020 - This is a post about a recent contribution I made to the OPA project. OPA (Open Policy Agent) aims to provide a standard means of authorization in the form of a policy server with a domain specific language called Rego. Read

Building a contact list in Notion that works for me

Jun 6 2020 - Earlier this week I found myself migrating my contact list to Notion. I decided to do this because I was lacking the following features in Outlook to effectively manage my contacts: Read