Refunding my faulty Macbook with another EU consumer law claim

November 2, 2019

I recently got a faulty 2016 12" Macbook refunded by making an EU consumer law claim. I've done this once before in 2016; now more familiar with the process I thought I'd write up round two.


This isn't a short process so here's the summary.

If you have a Macbook on this list and you have a faulty keyboard, you can get a refund under EU consumer law.

You must have the original invoice. Order confirmations are not good enough, invoices look like this and are sent as a PDF once an order is completed.

my invoice

  1. Get it verified as having a faulty keyboard and get the laptop back unrepaired. The company needs to be an ASP (Apple Service Provider), it can even be Apple Retail iif you bought your laptop from a non-Apple company - it cannot be where you bought it from.
  2. Contact Apple support if you purchased online or visit a store if you bought it in any store (Apple Retail counts as the same entity here). Ask to start the EU claims process for refund of a device under a repair program.
  3. Follow their guidance but, send them the laptop.
  4. Give bank deets
  5. Profit?

My timeline #

This is the exact sequence of steps I completed.

14th June 2016

Bought my Macbook with the money from my last EU consumer law claim from the Apple Online Store.

Sometime in 2017

Had the keyboard replaced. (Note, this is not an essential step to get a refund)

11th August 2019

Laptop deposited at Stormfront Inverness.

Just ask for a diagnosis only, they charge some money for this service - I paid £50. I think Apple can refund you for this too but I forgot to ask for it - oops.

Make it really clear the laptop isn't to be repaired and that you are buying a sheet of paper that says the device has a faulty keyboard - no more. This is quite an unusual request so make it very clear.

15th August

I had all the paperwork describing the fault and my laptop returned. I had originally hoped that Apple could work with Stormfront to have the laptop collected but they needed the charger so it was easier to have it returned.

20th August

Began the EU claims procedure. Provided my invoice and told I'd hear back within a week.

22nd August

I have another call and provide the repair notes. They called at 2am but I didn't answer so we spoke later in the day instead.

I had to speak to customer relations before they understood that this was to be a refund rather than a repair. When you get to customer relations you know you're in the right place and these folks are actually pretty great in my experience. (Customer support != customer relations)

23rd August

Talked about setting up of TNT collection

28th August

TNT collection set up, advised they'd call to arrange the collection.

30th August

TNT called, collection set for 6th of September

6th September

TNT arrived to collect but had no proof of collection. This meant we were unable to complete the collection on this day.

On a call to TNT, we made arrangements to deposit the packaged laptop at the depot.

10th September

Laptop dispatched and proof of sending given. This was sent to Apple via email to customer relations.

12th September

Lacey (my CR rep) called to take my bank details (while I happened to be in Japan!).

I provided my Revolut details via email.

16th September

Lacey confirmed receipt of the bank details.

Apple need to have an IBAN number. This is not something available at Monzo where I have my current account. Sadly, Revolut dropped the ball, see below...

24th September

Laura called while Lacey was on holiday. Payment sent for processing.

30th September

Lacey called to check if the money had arrived. It hadn't and she was to follow up with the finance team.

2nd October

Another CR rep called to confirm my bank details.

10th October

Lacey called to say the payment had been reprocessed. Advised to wait 10 business days.

15th October

Lacey called to check if the payment had been received. It sadly had not.

21st October

10 days were up. Lacey called to check, action to follow up with accounts.

23rd October

Finance acknowledge the request to look into it. Expected to respond within 3 days.

I asked for a goodwill gesture due to the delay and was refused one.

25th October

Lacey called me to confirm that the payment had been rejected by Revolut. Revolut never told me anything...

I sent my TransferWise details instead.

29th October

Call from Lacey to confirm that the new details had been submitted. Scheduled a call back for the 12th to check.

31st October

Received the payment in my TransferWise account. Woop. Just in time for what might have been Brexit - which might have impacted my rights to refund here? (who knows...)

refund screenshot

Emailed Lacey to request the case be closed, say thanks, good bye etc.

2nd November

Completed Apple feedback form suggesting better communication between customer relations - as well as good feedback for Lacey and the process.

Lessons Learned #


  • ...keep notes of call dates and what was agreed


  • ...try and get the repair centre to liaise with Apple when sending back the laptop (didn't realise the charger was required)
  • ...use Revolut
  • a butterfly keyboard Macbook and expect it to last more than 18 months

Phew... #

This was a pretty painful process but mostly better than the last time. I had a very good experience with the customer relations team. Having a single rep for your case is a huge help.

I bought myself an iPhone with the proceeds this time. Phones are expensive now...

Please contact me if you would like any more details, reference numbers etc.