Introducing charlieegan3/infrastructure

December 8, 2019

Since starting at Jetstack I've spent much time building a personal Kubernetes cluster to run my various side projects. I no longer run anything on Heroku, Lamdba, App Engine or Netlify. With Ingress, Cronjobs and Knative I'm able to replicate all the features of these platforms I valued on Kubernetes.

Having a single platform has really reduced the time involved in deploying side projects. I'm a big fan of side projects being more than a GitHub repo - part of the fun is making a usable thing or something I can use. Scale to zero really helps pack things in here - something I've been making much more use of recently (borked, mycriticmatch, rssmerge, xmas-trees and various other personal tools run on Knative and scale to zero).

This post was mostly just to introduce this repo: charlieegan3/infrastructure

I had to spend quite a bit of time getting all the secrets out of the repo. I took the opportunity to deploy vault and GKE workload identity rather than use something like gitcrypt or sealed secrets. In the end this was more of a tongue twister than anything particularly good but I do appreciate how transparent the public repo can be.

In the repo there are two 'projects'; GCP & K8s. GCP is a relatively simple Terraform stack to deploy a GKE cluster, DNS configuration, object storage resources, KMS etc. K8s is a collection of folders, one for each namespace in the cluster (which map approximately to side projects). Most of these are raw YAMLs but there are also some of my (signature?) Docker Helm template projects too.

I was keen to make this public so it was easier to share my config more easily with others - in particular with customers while working on site.