About 7 days of Racket

March 6, 2021


I decided to spend a few hours over the course of about 2 weeks playing with Racket. I suppose these were my reasons for doing this:

Throughout the process I took some notes about things I noticed and how I felt about them at that point in my little (bracket (heavy adventure)).

Day 1 #

Day 2 #

Day 3 #

Day 4 #

Day 5 #

Day 6 #

Day 7 #

So where does that leave me? #

I think the exercise served its purpose in getting myself familiar with the syntax and getting to a point where I'm more confident to try other things in the Racket world such as extending the Datalog implementation.

That said, I'm going to take a bit break and do some other similarly 'spiky' experiments for my next projects to see where they take me.

I did enjoy much of the Racket experience but wasn't really satisfied with how my error handling/validation code works, or how I'm expected to manage dependencies.

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