Week Notes: 11

Nov 8 2020 - I’ve been listening to the live recordings on the remastered release of All That You Can’t Leave Behind. This was the first album I ever remember liking and this re-release was a great reminder of that. Read

Week Notes: 10

Nov 1 2020 - The main thing that happened this week was my doing a mini and very wet DIY triathlon. I was keen to do at least the sprint distances but the biggest effort was 10 laps of Highgate hill on the bike. Read

Week Notes: 9

Oct 25 2020 - I finished the deployment of this new pub/sub feature. This feature allows us to our data processing for Preflight out of the request/response cycle and to control the rate of which we evaluate data. Read

Week Notes: 8

Oct 18 2020 - This week at work I’ve been setting up a new service that takes events from Google Cloud PubSub. There is a local emulator for the service - but when I tried using it it appeared to create real messages in my project, hmm. Read

Week Notes: 7

Oct 11 2020 - This week at work I completed something I’ve been working on for a while. I work on Preflight which alerts users to things in need of their attention in their Kubernetes environments. Read

Week Notes: 6

Oct 4 2020 - I’ve continued to ‘build’ my linux-environment project this week and have added/achieved the following notable features: Screen sharing using pipewire! In Firefox it wasn’t working as I hadn’t set XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP. Read

Week Notes: 5

Sep 27 2020 - I’ve been working quite a lot on my linux-environment project. This is my latest project and has become an Ansible playbook to configure a system based on Fedora Workstation. Read

Week Notes: 4

Sep 20 2020 - I’ve been making small steps towards being able to do dev work on a cloud instance. This week’s small steps have been: Adding a GCE builder for my dev-machine project. Read

Week Notes: 3

Sep 13 2020 - At work this week I’ve spent much of my time writing and responding to feedback on technical design proposals for features I’m working on. This is not something that I’ve done in a big way before so I’m enjoying learning something new and getting feedback on them. Read

Fun things I’m doing with GitHub Actions

Sep 7 2020 - Two years ago, GitHub announced Actions, their repo-integrated, workflow automation product. It took me ages to get access, then when I finally did, it seemed to get a bit of a bad review for being rough around the edges. Read

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