Terraform adventures: Host a static website ~5 minutes

Jul 16 2017 - I was in the market for a project to spend some more time with Terraform when I saw this prompt in the AWS console. Terraform can do all those things & I have a static site (this site) that I could use to test it out. Read

500 kilometres of electric-car, west-coast exploring

Jun 24 2017 - I’ve been working on for the last few months. I fear it may be becoming all consuming as I felt compelled to write up our EV centric holiday… Read

Running ActionCable behind Elastic Load Balancers on AWS

Mar 31 2017 - We were recently tasked with adding a feature that showed the status of a IoT device as it changed. It was important that the status page updated quickly; and given we’d recently upgraded to Rails 5, this was a prime opportunity to learn ActionCable. Read on External Site

Fixing up my vimrc

Mar 26 2017 - After working closely with a proficient vim user on a summer internship; I started experimenting with vim during the summer of 2015. I made the usual mistakes of copying the other’s vimrcs and installing too many plugins - I think everyone has to go though that phase though. Read

How this website (currently) works

Mar 21 2017 - While has been my ‘online home’, my personal site has gone through various revisions. Personal websites are subject to an above average level of tinkering and experimentation. Read

Deploying indigo-falcon to production!

Mar 20 2017 - On the Bookmetrix project we used a different process for managing our releases in git. We took feature branches from master and opened pull requests with a ‘release branch’ as the base. Read on External Site

Phasing out my laptop setup script

Feb 9 2017 - TL;DR - I switched from a complicated script that personalised my development laptop to a setup minimal enough to make it irrelevant. I’ve used an Mac as my main computer since 2005, in 2005 I was 11 years old. Read

Heroku Deploy button treasure hunt with GitHub and BigQuery

Jan 12 2017 - Sometime last year I listened to a Changelog podcast episode about the GitHub data that’s been made available on BigQuery, Google’s tool for querying large datasets. Read

A Weekend with The Google Cloud Platform

Dec 26 2016 - For some time I’ve been looking to consolidate my ‘side project infrastructure’. I have two projects running Digital Ocean droplets ( and standpoint); json-charlieegan3 runs on hyper. Read

NEXT London 2016 - Google Cloud Platform's User Conference

Oct 28 2016 - Paula and I attended last Friday’s NEXT London 2016 - Google Cloud Platform’s User Conference - the largest Google developer and IT gathering in the UK, exploring the latest developments in cloud technology. Read on External Site

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