Scratching an Itch: Running Policy in Hard to Reach Places with Wasm & OPA


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It’s 2023 and we’re at the point where we can run Wasm almost anywhere. Crucially, Wasm can be run in some places where others can’t follow. This makes Wasm an important tool if we want to standardize logic. We want to standardize the enforcement of business rules across the stack - from servers to smart phones. What if we could use the same language everywhere, new logic could be pushed out from a central location and we could deliver feedback to users immediately? We can achieve this using Wasm and Rego - the policy language of The Open Policy Agent project. Wasm is at home in many different environments, in this demo, we will show a proof of concept where we compile business rules in Rego into Wasm modules suitable for distribution to every policy decision point in our stack.

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GitHub issues on the OPA project related to progressing Wasm support in OPA:

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