Week 19: The Restart of Something

January 29, 2023

  • I started a new job at Styra in December and have been learning to be productive while working on more different tasks at once. I have found daily note pages with tasks completed and TODOs helpful. 'Carrying' TODOs over to the next day feels very natural.
  • The process of writing daily notes reminded me of the week note idea I picked up in 2020. I fell off the bandwagon at the end of the year but my new daily note process and seeing Tom's dedication to writing interesting week notes I thought I'd give this another go. I feel that summarising information as a record is a good exercise.
  • This week in my open source work on OPA I have been working on this PR which makes it possible to surface location information for an parsed Rego file. This will be useful to build language tooling on top of the output. I have also been making it clearer when users view outdated pages.
  • We all need some R&R after a year of waiting for Halo: Infinite to work. In spite of this trailer I played some Rainbow Six Siege this week. It was ok, but the stand out gaming moments this week have been playing It Takes Two split screen at home.

it takes two animation

  • I enjoyed attending my first Parkrun of the year, event #531 in Hampstead Heath.
  • This week's part-time Friday was well spent visiting my elderly uncle in Reading. We went to the pub and chatted about how things used to work over lunch. Sadly, the Elizabeth line didn't seem to be a viable route - though I enjoyed using it to get from Tottenham Court Road to Paddington.
  • On impulse, we went to see Matilda the Musical after really enjoying the recent film with the same name.

matilda set