Week 22: By the Sea

February 19, 2023

  • This week at work we launched Styra Load. I've been working on the documentation and self-directed performance 'test bench'. Load is based on OPA but uses a binary JSON format to achieve some solid performance gains for large datasets. If you're an OPA user, you might want to take it for a test ride - let me know how the performance stacks up!
  • I'm in North Devon this week. On Wednesday I worked remotely with a view in Woolacombe before walking to Ilfracombe on Thursday for another few nights. I really enjoyed working with a sea view (the lunchtime walks and cafe soup was great too). This was a welcome surprise as generally I've not enjoyed working away from my endgame desk at home due to flaky internet, distractions, and poor seating. I felt very grateful for the flexibility to be able to do this trip.
  • While in the area, there was an attendance at the 150th Woolacombe Dunes Parkrun - one of the toughest in the country! Running home along the route of the Devon Belle was a nice too. I'm in awe of this train that went from Waterloo to Ilfracombe, direct.

woolacombe beach The mist cleared

woolacombe desk

  • I want to be able to go away on holiday and not worry about how much battery my toothbrush has. Mine ran out this week and it's a major pain. I was surprised after doing some research that the only toothbrush with USBC and a pressure sensor seems to cost £300! A toothbrush with USBC, a pressure sensor, and small heads doesn't seem to exist yet...