Week 23: Long Expected DIY

February 26, 2023

Enjoying outdoor mornings. I've had my Dad visiting and we had two nice breakfasts out with coffee and pastries this week. Getting outside to start the day with a walk has been really refreshing.

Do what browsers do. I've been working on an OPA feature to support reusing cached bundles. I really enjoyed reading the Mozilla docs on HTTP Caching, they're clear and easy to follow. I enjoyed the design parallels with web browsers.

Badminton courts are hard to come by. I try to play once a week with some friends. Courts are only released daily at 10pm one week before, so everyone knows this and the site crashes creating a panicky checkout process for all involved. You've just got to hope no one is going for your court - except they probably are.

Activating crunch mode - I had a talk accepted for Cloud Native London at the same time as the event being moved forward to Wednesday next week. I have some OPA and SPIFFE related preparation to be doing...

Mastodon & Ivory. I continue to enjoy the Mastodon bubble and the Ivory UX. Being able to follow the #OPA hashtag has led to some good discussions this week, it's a feature I like a lot.

Burgess Parkrun is for B. We've decided to make an attempt at doing the 'Parkrun Alphabet' where one runs a in 26 different events, each starting with a different letter of the alphabet. Ally Pally is close, but hilly!

Running without turning back. I devised an on-the-fly 15km running route in Hampstead Heath which I was very pleased with.

map of 15km running route

'The Shelves' are up. I have been preparing to 'put some shelves up' for months and it's finally happened this weekend. I did it all myself too, with the help of many YouTube videos and the owner of the local DIY store. I felt an overwhelming sense of pride when they were finally installed, loaded with books and a pretty plant.