Week 24: Postponed

March 5, 2023

It Takes Two is back. And in a dark twist we found ourselves killing a baby elephant - unexpected! I'm impressed thought by the game and by how different each section feels. I really enjoyed the top down magic castle.

htmxing my personal site. I am in the process of doing a rewrite of my personal site to use my self-hosting and cost saving project toolbelt. While I like the idea of htmx a lot, I found I need to do some learning around handling client error responses. I'd previously only used it in sites with read-only functionality.

Taming Googlebot. My music data exploration site is based on a 25MB BigQuery dataset. When you load a page, the data comes from BigQuery. When I updated the site at Christmas I wanted to make a tool that was easy to 'explore' in true hypermedia fashion, this means there are a lot of links. Turns out that highly linked sites can generate a lot of Googlebot activity. The result was about 3000GB of search volume last month costing around £6. I've added some in-memory caching and updated my robots.txt.

Flexible tickets. I went to visit my Granny in Hereford on Friday and then home via Bristol to have dinner with a friend. It's great that this can be done with an Off Peak Day return ticket. I really enjoy that the ticket is valid to travel back via a different route, and that I can leave a station for a few hours to have dinner.

Postponed. I was scheduled to give a talk on Wednesday. It was quite short notice so I was cramming pretty hard on that until Tuesday. However, the event was postponed by 1 week so I have a little more time now.