Week 25: Meeting Up

March 12, 2023

I presented at CN London on OPA and SPIFFE. I've been wanting to do this talk for a while and am happy to have had the chance to do so at a smaller friendly event. Going to the pub afterwards was fun too, and not something I've done with meet up folk since before the pandemic.

Got some OPA work merged - in time for the 0.50.0 release. I've been working on #5576 to make it possible to extract Rego AST location data since January, it's our hope that this can support some interesting Rego tooling (stay tuned!). I also merged #5742, which makes it possible to authenticate with OPA using a SPIFFE mTLS connection and use the SPIFFE ID in a system.authz policy.

image of me giving a talk What is a Workload anyway?

Algolia's DocSearch product is confusing. The main issue I had this week was that the meta tags used to label pages didn't appear to configure the search 'facet filters' on that same page. I see Algolia DocSearch everywhere but feel in most cases something like Stork or lunr.js which I use on charlieegan3.com would be just fine. Having a separate crawling process also makes changes one step removed - don't under estimate the value of being able to test docs changes locally. I'm back on the TrainerRoading before work. I've been pretty out of touch with my bike since July last year but with the Highland Cross now looming again it's time to change that. This will be my 10th 'crossing' and so I'm keen to make it a good one! Threatened for a loaf of bread. I had the sad and unsettling experience of being threatened near my home for a loaf of bread I was carrying. I gave up the bread and went on my way. Having read a UKPersonalFinance thread that same morning got me wondering about my 'posture' for a worse case scenario interaction.