Week 26: Friends - Old and New

March 19, 2023

Visitors from afar! Following a busy week of running in and out of central London I felt immensely fortunate to share a lovely meal with my old team (with some new additions!) at one of my favorite local restaurants. I was relieved to hear that my custom slack emojis were successfully migrated to the new slack workspace 😊

Not pictured - but equally enjoyable - was a rainy trip to Kings Cross for some cert-manager, trust domain and SPIFFE chat. It's amazing what you can fit into a part time Friday!

photo of me out for lunch with my old team Citro with old and new friends

Entity Tagging: Continued. I've been working (intermittently) on a means to reuse downloaded bundles in OPA for about a month. I had the sketchy idea of stashing the ETag in a gzip header comment, but after some pub chat am now narrowing in on something less magic.

Scan as you shop disappointment. There's this idea that you can carefully pack your shopping while you shop by scanning it yourself. However, 100% of the times I've done this I've been selected for a 'rescan' which removes 100% of the benefit.

Mess. Parkrun this week took place on a very muddy Hampstead Heath. Thankfully the rain had mostly stopped when we started running.

muddy legs after running My legs this Saturday after Parkrun