Week 27: In the North

March 26, 2023

54.52°N 1.35°W. These weeknotes come from Eaglescliffe. I'm up for the weekend visiting Anna's Grandad. 🚂

KubeCon. I've spent much of this week preparing for two KubeCon sessions, it's going to be a busy one for OPA! KubeCon is in Amsterdam this year, if you're going, this guide might be useful.

Head in the clouds. In preparation for an upcoming Lake District trip, our minds have been on the mountains... We watched and mostly enjoyed 14 Peaks but the star of the show has been Abbie Barnes' wholesome YouTube channel. Aside, this video about making plastic water tanks is also great.

Workout distraction. Can you spot the bug in these graphs?

Wondering about what might be causing this bug kept my brain busy for about 20 minutes! The bug is that the graphs have the wrong titles. I wondered how the graphs were represented in the trainer software such that this could happen. Were the titles stored in a separate unordered data structure? If I used the same machine again, might they be correct another time? etc. etc.

UI bug in cross trainer software Technogym cross trainer display

Gruesome Grub. While pottering around Yarm we found this game containing what appeared to be real dried bugs - in the children's section - gruesome!

Back on the menu. On the topic of food, we've been enjoying cooking more this week and I'd love to take a moment to recommend these olde favorites: Slow Cooker Black Dal, Paneer Romano Peppers & Roasted Broccoli with Almonds and Cardamom.

unusual bug eating game in childrens section Yes, these appear to be real bugs

Weeknoters, weeknotes everywhere! I follow some other 'weeknoters' and enjoy taking inspiration from their updates (and their links to weeknote friends I've never met). I love the weeknote format of less frequent of longer form, less frequent updates. I could use more weeknotes in my life - let me know if you ever start writing some!

A week upcoming. I'm looking forward to doing some 'just-in-time learning' for an upcoming OPA Wasm talk; meeting friends for dinner out and more cosy cooking. It's ⅔ about the food, as per usual.