Week 32: Lunch & LIA

April 30, 2023

Live Impact Analysis (LIA). At work I've been experimenting with and documenting a feature of Styra Load called Live Impact Analysis. LIA allows you to test a new version of a policy in a live environment. This, coupled with some much needed admin catch-up, has been a welcome change after a busy KubeCon last week.

Impromptu Norfolk. Anna and I booked something of a last minute trip home for the long weekend. I've taken it as a chance to get back on top of my photos website too - featuring dogs, pylons and shadows.

I've also been enjoying how similar the landscapes of Norfolk and Holland are. It's almost as if they were once part of the same landmass... Something I'd likely not have noticed had I traveled by train to KubeCon.

map of norfolk to amsterdam A stone's throw

Depth of Field. A friend recently bought a secondhand camera and I enjoyed chatting about focal lengths with someone that hadn't had the means to test it out before. It was also another a welcome prompt post some recent photos.

I've enjoyed some lovely lunches out this week. I feel very grateful to have nice people to have lunch with and the time to do so too. I put in appearances at The Tempeh Man, Caravan, Dishoom & Noci. Noci was a new one, pasta outdid their Affogato. Working from Prufrock on Tuesday afternoon I got to hear some wild coffee orders.

pylon Pylon - another one

Goodbye Bitch Birch. As quickly as it begun, my Hay Fever symptoms seem to be over for another year. I'm skeptical that the cure (antihistamines) are better than the disease for me. Antihistamine eye drops have however really helped - so at least I can go into next year knowing that.