Week 54: Cheating

October 8, 2023

Cheating. Last week I dug out an old project. We’ve wanted to create a Rego cheat sheet for a while. The idea is that for newbies, reference documentation might be too much to take in all at once. It’s been fun to work on something that outputs to PDF and HTML. I miss my LaTeX days!

Parsing SANs. I’ve been working with an OPA user to define a feature to parse x509 SAN data in certificates. It’s always interesting to see how folk use OPA, and certificates are close to my heart.

Well hello there.
Well hello there. View

Nixos. I've done it? I re-purposed an old Lenovo M90n as a scrappy little Homelab server. It's connected to my 'Tailnet' and runs a Minio server. My configuration is scrappy, I need to work on my Impermanence config a lot, and backups, but it felt like progress. My Dropbox subscription has just renewed, so I guess I have 1 year to build something that's good enough. Sourcegraph is the best Nix documentation. The Nix docs are challenging, one page has all the features - whether you're setting up a different Kernel or configuring a self-hosted service to manage groceries. The other 'options' page is similarly overwhelming and may or may not crash your browser.

Chain Pizza. I got together with a friend for dinner. He is working away his start-up, animated film studio - fun stuff! Kudos to young entrepreneurs!

Funeral. I went to the funeral of an extended family member on Friday - a time for contemplation. It was good to see the younger generation, many of whom I was meeting for the first time.

Parkrun Pals. Hampstead Heath Parkrun was a busy affair this week with five visiting friends. By some miracle we had glorious sunshine and got a table for everyone at Redemption Roasters (which was so busy they stopped serving while we were there).

Fabrizio. In a continued effort to keep the lovely little pizza place over the road in business, we had another lovely dinner there again this week. Mr Fabrizio runs the business from sunny Spain now, but apparently he visits on occasion!