Week 53: Sickness

October 1, 2023

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Sick. I had a day off work on Monday and slept all day. I haven't been that sick in maybe 4 years. On top of that, I came down with a cold just in time for the weekend. Hopefully that's my share for the season.

Bufferbloat. I also experienced a sickness of the router - a bad bout of the old Bufferbloat while playing L4D2 on GeForce NOW. Thankfully, my router has good controls for QoS and I sacrificed some bandwidth for sweet Loaded Latency. This bumped me from 'Good' to 'Great' on the CloudFlare Speed Test so I'll have to see how it fairs on the next session. Aside, oh to have FTTP...

Welcome. We had an impromptu visit from my uncle! I am enjoying being at home and receiving visits, it makes my life very easy.

Parkrun. Anna and I ran together in Hampstead Heath this week, it was a lovely sunny morning.

Nix. I have been learning. At the time of writing, the container image serving this page, was generated using Nix. I'm also considering a home server build (to replace my love/hate/abusive relationship with Dropbox which just renewed). I'm not sure if building a server or a container is more fun in 2023, I think the latter. I have a year to work out I guess.

FlySASFlySAD: Still no refund.