Week 48: One Last Holiday

August 27, 2023

Dad at the chapel in [Braås Park](https://www.naturkartan.se/en/kronobergs-lan/vandringsled-braas-park)
Dad at the chapel in Braås Park View

Lake Life. This week I've been staying with my family in rural Sweden near a lake. Life has revolved around chilly swimming (not too chilly), saunas, cooking (+eating) as well as much playing of Bananagrams. A dip in the lake after a run is also a fab routine.

This is my third trip now, and I really appreciate how easy it is to find peace and quiet there, at least in rural Sweden.

Travelling by day made for better views too
Travelling by day made for better views too View

Cancellation Tourism. Due to the last minute cancellation of our return flight (CPH -> LHR), we extended our trip by one night - in Oslo! In addition to the train travel out, this made for the 6th country of our Sweden trip. Additional passport control checks, and going through them multiple times, are an ever present thorn in the side of the post-Brexit traveller.

Photos In, Photos Out. I've been enjoying using my camera more. My editing workflow feels both heavily optimised and clunky at the same time. Root causes of pain include:

  • increasing large RAW files (up to ~75MB)
  • needing to perform GPS tagging and timezone adjustments to camera - requires custom tooling and thus my laptop
  • two sources of originals, iPhone and camera
  • preferences for sharing of photos quickly after they're taken.

I'm mulling over some improvements but finding it hard to see anywhere for solid gains. Some kind of LAN syncing of RAW files might be helpful (something less fussy than AirDrop). A smaller (12") laptop would be great too. The iPad form factor looks promising - with the hamstrung iPad OS being the deal breaker, as usual.

Tote-ally Sold. I'm in love with the tote bag & backpack as a luggage combo. I am feel very late to the tote party and am glad I didn't go down the fishing vest route.