Week 49: No Place Like Home

August 30, 2023

Home. Other than an unexpected flight back from Oslo on Monday morning, the prominent theme for the week has been settling back into the flat and the routine. All aspects of this have been very welcome, especially the cooking and healthier diet; even waiting for John Lewis to collect a product recall felt refreshingly homely.

Work. At work, I've been pleased with the results of some updates to the OPA Ecosystem page to make it more discoverable and less tightly coupled with the versioned docs. Next week I've got some talks to give on OPA and Wasm at the Civo Navigate and the CN London Meetup.

A photo from the night time
A photo from the night time View

Grindset(?) I made some updates this week to photos.charlieegan3.com. Most of my projects are now running in a shared hosting setup with 'Toolbelt'; photos now finally has a place here too. This saves me $5 a month on a cloud instance but more importantly increases my motivation to invest time on adding new features. I'm keen to expand the custom CMS to support the adding of trips with names and short descriptions, as currently, only hard coded intervals are supported.

On Photography. Coasting off some holiday photography energy, I have enjoyed taking my camera with me this week. Mostly it's been nice to have it with me on evening walks in the park. The best camera is the one you have with you and a 6 year old, fixed prime lens rangefinder still trumps the iPhone 14 Pro Max (which is also great).

Parkrun. 'The routine' wouldn't be complete without the return to Parkrun. Anna and I ran with a friend in the 560th Hampstead Heath event. It was a muggy affair which contributed to humbling times all around. The Autumn benchmark has been set. We also ran around the Highgate Claw before it got too hot. The old boy sitting in Pond Square must have been very confused.

Spam. I learnt that 'Spam, ham, and eggs' are used as metasyntactic variable names in Python - apparently.

Not Spam. In honour of the new month, we experienced the arrival of the new 'triple B' menu. An all important part of the routine returns, and in style. I think I drank too much strong coffee, too late, and had some trouble sleeping.

Quaking. I played some Quake II Remaster. I upgraded my Xbox One X to a Series X before I went to Canada but haven't had the chance to play it. Needless to say, the remastered game (from 1997) performs incredibly, while also being fast and fun.

Approved. View

I appreciate this car. If we have to have cars, can we have more like this?

Bandstanding. We closed out the week with a Sunday afternoon trip to the Heath, only this time to hear some live music while wining and munching. It's hard to pin down this phenomenon, but when it does it's always a pleasant happening and makes for some first class people watching. Homemade polenta chips were also a welcome addition.