Week 50: September Sauté

September 10, 2023

Hampstead Heath bins had a hard time this weekend
Hampstead Heath bins had a hard time this weekend View

Anyone here using Web Assembly? I presented my OPA-Wasm talk at Civo Navigate and the Cloud Native London meet-up this week. I had a great time chatting to lots of people - both old friends and ex-colleagues and new folk too. By Thursday morning, I was very ready to return to my coding den and work on an integration for the OPA Playground where code is linted with Regal as you type. Watch this space!

That's gonna be cold! I'm going to Chicago in November for my first KubeCon NA. I'll be presenting the OPA maintainer track session, exploring a new city and hopefully meeting lots of OPA users along the way.

WASD. I played Left for Dead 2 on GeForce NOW. While it was totally playable, our session was mired with issues relating to the non-functioning of audio chat and connected controllers. There will need to be another attempt. We also fired up Starfield - did I mention I have an Xbox Series X now?... yeh.

Sweaty, Saturday, Social! Parkrun this week was a sweaty affair with two sweaty visitors too! Hampstead Heath Parkrun 561 was well attended, around 96th percentile attendance (426 runners). The rest of the day mostly revolved around the desk fan.

Grindset Sit-rep. My photos site has been getting some updates this week. I've succeeded in adding support for non-square media (see this debut post), a hangover from my roots as an Instagram user. I've also been working on something to support the managing of trips in the CMS.

Polenta Chips! Anna and I hosted some friends for Sunday lunch. Polenta chips are a new favorite and so naturally made an appearance. Frittata & Butterbean Mash with Muhammara made for what I feel was a pretty solid, not-too-hot summer lunch. A pre-lunch Lido stop also helped work up a bit of an appetite.