Week 51: A new camera week

September 17, 2023

Playground. I've mostly finished some work on getting Regal to live-lint in the OPA playground. Hopefully get that out this week.

Sports and Socials. Badminton is back on the menu boys! After a summer out, we're on the badminton bandwagon again. It felt tough. Same again next week, though we'll see how my bouldering pains are doing...

Friends from Afar. We hosted two of my school friends over the weekend. We pottered, we 'bouldered', snacked and went to see Matilda - again!

New Friend. After nearly a year on the fence, I took the plunge on an X-T5. I've enjoyed getting acquainted over the past few days. Coming from my X100F, I already find I need a bag more, it's bigger and more cumbersome, but it's a welcome new experience. Starting with the same city through a new lens.