Week 52: Warm Showers

September 24, 2023

50mm * 1.52. I've been enjoying using my new camera a lot. Mostly at night on walks around the block. The rain is fun now as my camera is weather sealed. Photos from this week. P.s. I've also had the loan of a slick 16mm - from one extreme to another after my 35mm days in X100F land. A trip to the TfL depot was a great chance to put it to the test!

Get Good (At Rego). The Rego Playground has been updated to lint your Rego code as you type. Rego often involves thinking about a problem in a different way and the unfamiliar paradigm and language is a common stumbling block for new users. Hopefully this will make our policy language easier to use.

Kagi-ing. I've been paying for my primary search engine for a little over a month. This week they updated their plans to $10 for unlimited searches. I was running up against this limit so that was a nice surprise. I liked DDG but disliked the ads, Kagi also lets me customize my results to block low quality scummy sites.

Warm showers. I after a month of mostly cold showers, the dial is back on the hot setting. Autumn is here, see you next time sweaty summer.

One day more. We went to see Les Misérables this week! It's the longest running West End show, the standard is unbelievably high.

We don't get the tips. We've been to Sagar twice this week. You can book, it's near the theatre and the food is really tasty. One major downside is that the staff don't get the card machine service charges. Thankfully they're pretty open about it - carry cash kids.

Pubminton. Tuesday was a great day in London, breakfast, curry, badminton, curry & great pub chat about all things networking.

Nix, Chicken and the Egg. I've been trying to get to the bottom of the Nix chicken and egg newb problem (where you can't really use it until you use it). I've been provided some inspiration but found that, usually for me, some video tutorials were helpful, thanks Ian.

Domained. I've finished a migration of all my domains to Porkbun and Netim (for rl.ie). It feels good to have them in the same place and out of the hands of Gandi and Squarespace.