Week 55: On Track

October 15, 2023

On Track. There have been two things about my week that have been on track. First, my weeknotes are being written and published on a Sunday, rather than arriving late. Secondly, I spent around 6.5 hours making a trip from Hereford, which usually takes a little over three. I was sitting 'On Track' - but not in a good way. Still, it was nice to visit Granny with Dad this time. The outward leg was the first chance we've had to catch up in a while.

Lauren Mayberry playing the Piano at Koko
Lauren Mayberry playing the Piano at Koko View

Space Grills. On Monday, Anna, Cale, and I went to see Lauren Mayberry first solo gig in London. The supports and show were great - there was also a Spice Girls and a Madonna cover! Koko's 'camera policy' (it's not written down) was a nasty surprise though as I had hoped to use my new camera in a gig setting. Sadly an XT5 'looks too much like a professional camera' - not a problem I ever had with the X100F...

Badminton was slightly less of sweatfest now the cooler weather is coming in. Pub chat mostly revolved around fancy 360 cameras and homelab nerding out. I have spent an inordinate amount of time comparing NAS operating systems and hardware this week following this discussion. It feels impossible to have: fast CPU, good software, fast networking, good drive options, and low power consumption.

Bufferbloat did not strike again! I felt like a total wizard when my first GeForce Now session after some router tuning was flawlessly unlaggy.

ASN.1. I've continued looking into this OPA issue. After some head banging, the more I started to think that the ASN.1 JavaScript decoder output, converted to JSON was the best of the bad options we have. 

Friends. I got together with a friend I'd not seen in months and we pottered around the Kings Cross area. It was lovely. I need to start wearing warmer clothes.