Week 61: Sevilla

November 26, 2023

Sevilla. This week's highlight was a trip to Sevilla. Accompanied by one friend, we visited another. The weather was sunny, the coffee and company were great. We visited the Alcázar and some great restaurants too. Short and sweet, but I left feeling very fortunate to have been able to go. Returning home marked the end of the year's international travel. It felt great to finish on such a high.

Hamster Cage. After being greeted with a £50 levy to reactivate my GeForce Now account, I was sent packing back to Xbox. After a few months off, getting the gang set up on Xbox again was a predictably unsatisfactory experience. Renewing games passes ("oh no, not Games Pass core!"), getting chat working ("where is the discord app? Oh, there isn't one") etc. Having upgraded to a Series X, I have it marginally better, but second hand pain still hurts. We just want to play games.

CFP'd. The working week mostly revolved around submitting proposals to KubeCon EU 2024, which is in March (!) in Paris (I can go by train!). All in, I think we had a great selection of submissions.

Ingredients. Home server items have continued to arrive in the mail. Christmas has come early but there is some stress from the growing number of untested components too.

Beeper. In Sevilla I got a Beeper invite. It's great, let me know if you want to merge your IM inboxes and I can send you an invite too.