Week 62: Wintery

December 3, 2023

Winter. Relatively speaking, Sevilla was quite warm and this week's cold snap has only made that more a more painful adjustment. Highlight wintery activities this week have included: a cosy meal in with friends (with more than a side of dentist chat!); getting the mitts out of the cupboard; panicking about being cold at Parkrun; attending a winter pottery fair to top up our mugs and assembling the Lego Christmas tree.

Xbox. Much the same as the update from last week (tl;dr: technical difficulties). I was more of a fan of the 'new' Bandit rifle than the others. I think we need a new game.

Sore. I played badminton for the first time in ages and paid the price the next day. I have an ongoing knee issue that's not being getting better and things were just generally sore... Pub chat more than made up for it though.

Coming together. I have completed the initial build of the home server (parts list). All the components work, it pulls around 30W, and can do 10gbps! It was great fun but I also feel quite relieved to have A) got rid of all the boxes lying around, and B) validated that all the no-return components from eBay worked. Next up is actually using it to store photos on!