Week 63: Pls Wait

December 10, 2023

Public transport woes continue to be a thorn in the side of British life. As if selecting a strike free day wasn't tricky enough, we also failed to predict the act of god that brought down overhead lines out of Paddington - which delayed us by ~4 hours. At least we didn't have to pee all over the Elizabeth Line trains like everyone else. On a more positive note, flexible return train tickets are great. When a simple journey becomes too much to bear in a single day - why not split it over two with a visit to friends instead?

Rainbow over the Golden Valley
Rainbow over the Golden Valley View

Sunshine and Showers. We've been visiting Granny this weekend, visits are increasingly difficult. But they're important, and we have a lot of support from family in making them happen.

The working week has consisted of a blend of blog posting, talk prep and some fun new rules for a festive promotion we're running with Regal. I worked from London on Tuesday resuming my breakfast meet, catching the last Curry Club of 2023 and a 100% attendance badminton too. Good times!

D+ v2.0 - Package A. I've adopted a JM customised SFF case, so I guess I'm building a gaming PC now!

Deep Dive. My KubeCon talk is on YouTube now, like and subscribe.

Flossers. I got a clear report from the hygienist before getting a ✨ FREE ✨ 3D ✨ scan of my imperfect teeth. Oh, but "there is always room for improvement". I'm also thinking there might be room for improvement in my dentist location, since I no longer work near Liverpool Street station and haven't done for nearly 5 years.