Week 64: There and Back Again

December 17, 2023

Star of Wonder... at my seeing the sunrise
Star of Wonder... at my seeing the sunrise View

We're on our way back to Hereford to visit my increasingly unwell (but still occasionally smiling) Grandmother. It's been a tough year for Granny, but with the help of the lovely care staff and regular visits she's been well supported.

circular-import. This week we released the second gift of the Regal 'Holidays' promotion, a new rule to detect circular imports in Rego code. I'm out for Christmas now, but stay tuned for a few more linter rules this week coming. We've also started work on a new section: 'OPA Errors and How to Fix Them'. It's been a fab year at Styra, and I'm looking forward to what comes up for us in 2024 - after a solid Christmas break, of course.

'Carols in Pond Square' was a great success. No free mulled wine this year, but the stuff we paid for tasted pretty good too. This event is a local gem.

N is Norwich (Parkrun). Anna and I have been in Norwich this weekend, mostly for a birthday party; partly for a new letter in the Parkrun alphabet; and partly for a little Christmas city pottering.

2 Hours Remaining. The prize for the gaming disaster of the week goes to: the gaming gang all downloading a new game, only to be stung with the same launch update which halted the session and sent us back to Halo with our tails between our legs.

57 minutes. Train trips usually blow up my screen time metrics, not this week. Despite spending more than 8 hours on trains, I'm proud to report that I have managed to maintain an average of under 1 hour per day. It's a peculiar thing as getting to an hour a day, feels closer to no time at all. It also makes a £1200 phone feel a lot less good value for money... Heres to less screen time in 2024! 🥂

POE... Plus! It turns out that my old Ubiquiti POE adapters are too weak to power my new TP-Link access points, so I've needed to upgrade them. Sadly, this wasn't as much of a hot-swap operation as I'd hoped for...