Week 69: Rosetta Stone

March 17, 2024

Rosetta Stone. I have been working on a new documentation project that I am really excited about this week. Being off the hook for presenting the KubeCon maintainer track talk (thanks Anders) this time, I have instead been able to work on some new resources I'm keen to share at the OPA Kiosk. The new docs compare Rego, a declarative language based on Datalog, with other imperative, general purpose languages. The idea is to make it easier for learners already familiar with one language to learn Rego - while also showing off Rego's strengths.

Calling Home. I spoke to dad on the phone for a while on Monday. It was nice to have a chat that was, for a change, both a 1:1 and not a video call. He's doing good.

Rain has been quite a feature of the week. On Tuesday I got pretty damp even with my brolly as I pottered about coworking and getting curry. We'd earmarked Friday for a cycle to Brighton too so the rain meant for a lot of nervous checking and comparing of forecasts too.

We made it!
We made it! View

Brighton Cycle. We actually went, it rained quite a lot in the morning but much less as the day went on. While the roads were a little busy, it was a welcome return to some bike time for me and a great run for Anna's longest ride - well done Anna! Ditchling Beacon is the sting in the tail being right at end, pretty steep, and pretty busy with cars too... All in a great day out.

SCSS. I've been able to remove the use of SCSS from my personal website after learning about CSS's native variable functionality. Packaging Dart Sass in my container image was something that I should have thought more carefully about before opting to use it in the first place. When working on a new app to run on my home server, I realised that SCSS was something that I couldn't copy from my personal site since I didn't want to add Dart Sass as a dependency there.

We are up to date with Shogun and both getting quite into the story. Sadly we need to wait until next week now before we get to watch another episode - just like the old days - only while still paying for Disney+.

This week Parkrun, took place in Gladstone Park, a local for some, but still a new run for the whole gang. I was feeling pretty weak after our Brighton ride, but managed to run a time I was still happy with all the same. First place ran off in the wrong direction, everyone was shouting him back but he must have had headphones in... He didn't catch up.

Homelab. I dusted the fans.