Week 70: Paris

March 24, 2024

The helmet didn't stay on...
The helmet didn't stay on... View

I took the Eurostar to Paris this week for KubeCon EU. Luckily for me the event has been close enough to travel by train for two years in a row now. Even more lucky: next year it'll be in London (EU?), though that means schlepping myself all the way to the ExCel Centre each morning for a whole week...

This KubeCon was a great event for OPA. We had the kiosk for the whole time which made it possible to chat to hundreds of users about their use cases and the latest developments in the project. It was also exciting to see so many sessions featuring OPA too. Great too to spend lots of time with Anders and Peter this week - and I mostly got a chance to say hi to everyone the 'Jetstacked' crowd too.

This was my third trip to Paris, but the first time I'd gotten the Navigo card working. They're great, but we couldn't seem to get them to work on the RER trains for some reason... one for next time. Being able to top up the card using Apple Pay from the app is a nice feature.

Two! View

Anna and I stayed for the weekend in Paris. We went on an evening river cruise, visited the catacombs and the Air & Space Museum. Being able to go inside not one but two Concordes was even better than expected! We stayed in a little apartment near Canal Saint-Martin, had lots of great pastries as expected, but also some surprisingly great tofu burgers.

Fixed Primes. My XF 90mm F2 is big and a bit of a pain to carry around, but it is a great conference lens for taking photos of speakers from the back of the room. This allows you to show the crowds and while keeping the speak(ers) as a large subject in the frame. The XF 16mm F2.8 is great for getting in the whole room, and for over the table shots of all the tasty food we had too. I can see the appeal of having a zoom lens, but I'm not convinced that I need one for my X System collection as, other than the 90mm, the lenses I have are really nice and small. The XF 50mm F2 is still my favourite and is left on my camera the bulk of the time.

EE roaming speeds and fees are getting me down.