Week 71: Stews & Sneezes

March 31, 2024

I'm not the first to compare Rego to other languages but I might be the first to make some side by side examples as documentation - maybe. Either way, I hope that this will be a good resource learners that will help them learn faster. Check it out!

Stewing. After finding a new recipe, we cooked this aubergine and puy lentil stew twice this week. We had it with bread and pearl barley and it was well received.

About 200m from the end
About 200m from the end View

Heart Rate Monitors. 'It all made sense' after discovering that sometimes when running together, my heart rate monitor has been connected to Anna's watch - oops. I have just got a new one which can measure breathing rate running dynamics too. I have no idea how to use the new stats.

Sandringham, has to be up there for the most civilised ParkRuns in the UK. It has loads of toilets right at the start & a great indoor & outdoor cafe. There is even a video... I came 5th this week but then it was a record attendance so can't be helped. Just need to get a bit faster to get back to the top spot!

Workout apps seem to be a mess of subscription dark patterns and usability issues. Every three or four years I do some digging on the options available but have yet to find any actually free ones other than NTC. I find that following a short video of some stretches after a run makes me more like to actually do them properly.

I've started sponsoring some projects on GitHub at last, very late to this party. htmx, which I use in most of my personal sites now, and vorotamoroz, the author of the Self-hosted LiveSync project that I (now) also use. Running CouchDB on Northflank is around half the native sync subscription, and I get to control my own data too.

Airer. We got a new one that more looks like this, rather than like this. It's great, and a rare example where a self catering place had better fixtures than home!

Pollen is back again and I have been suffering today (Sunday). On my way home to London where I think there might be fewer trees but generally resistance is futile. Next year I'm going to try that honey thing.