Week 72: In the Zone

April 7, 2024

In the zone. Weeknotes are late this week. I forgot to do them last weekend and it’s been a busy week - in a good way! Check back next week for more details!

Race condition. I also finally got time to fix a test case race condition in an OPA test that I’d written some months back. This felt good as it had been some time since I'd done some work on OPA's code rather than the website and working with other new contributors.

Peak Times. I went for a lovely walk with my old flatmates and close friends on the Monday Bank holiday. We walked from Putney (where we all lived together) to Richmond along the river. It was a lovely walk. Perhaps predictably, the bank holiday pub lunch was quite a challenge as it was so busy. Chances of success of pub lunch at the weekend in London seem to be vanishingly small these days.

Misplaced Drivers. On Friday we hopped on a GWR departure to Oxford. Sadly they ‘misplaced’ the driver in Reading and we were 40 minutes delayed. Thankfully I’ve not not had a delay repay for some years now. I hope GWR hurting. I got to see my great uncle and my second cousin. Oxford is nice, we’d like to go again soon.

Run team!
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Centennial. A close friend ran her 100th Parkrun this weekend. A tremendous achievement! We joined for the occasion at Finsbury Park. Anna will be next!

Cuckfield. In an effort to make it the busiest week of the year… we took a Thameslink train down to Haywards Heath to visit my cousin once removed and co.. It was lovely, involved a cute dog, and was another example of an easy day trip from London. The trip home on a completely full train was less lovely, I jinxed it by saying hoe good TL was earlier that same day...

An Interview. I appeared on an 'OPA 101' episode of the Kubernetes Bytes podcast. I’m pretty happy with it! I was pleased to be able to talk about how OPA fits into so many different use cases and particularly for multi-cluster and large scale platforms.

Training Status. I’ve been on it and my Garmin has noticed - at last. As usual, take the data with a pinch of salt.