Week 73: Extremely Damp

April 14, 2024

In the Zone. As mentioned last week, I’ve been busy. For the last year we’ve been hard at work on Regal, the linter for Rego. We are now building out the language server functionality of the tool which allows us to offer IDE like features in Visual Studio Code and other editors. What started with diagnostics for linting errors, is fast becoming actionable with automatic fixes and so on. Code completion and go to definition are next on the list (which is really exciting!).

Citro, a local pizza restaurant has a refreshed logo. Restaurant is still great as is the new logo - fresh. No wine for me with my antihistamines this time but it was lovely to go back after what’d been some months off. They still have the best (but strongest) tiramisu in the area.

This week also featured a much awaited Bubala trip. The starters, drinks and service all get top marks. As does the venue and atmosphere. However the later dishes were so salty I think we’d struggle to recommend it to fellow vegans and vegetarians.

Alfie likes to chase waves
Alfie likes to chase waves View

Inverness trip this weekend - by plane! I can't remember when it was that I last flew for that route - 10 years at least. The plane was delayed coming previously from Geneva, but otherwise a good experience. Door to door it was about 6 hours, ~40% faster than by daytime train. Heathrow Terminal 5 is almost indistinguishable from Terminal 2. The lounge has daylight but no toilet, that’s correct, it has no toilet. Small airports are great on the other hand.

Traveling by plane allowed me to go out on Thursday evening, and still spend some time with my parents on Friday. As I write, I’m on the sleeper train home on Sunday night after social weekend consisting of extremely damp hiking, Civil War, time with school friends as well as my parents - and Alfie!

World War Z continues to be the game of choice. The game is fun and provides a good challenge while also being a bit of a grind. My medic class is leveled to 100% now but prestiging is so expensive I’m not sure I’ll bother as it means losing all the perks that make it possible to complete missions on tougher difficulties. PC gaming is 100% better than console, so I’m happy to have made the switch.

Antihistamines work. I’ve started on them this week and they are helping a lot. Birch pollen is in full swing in south east England at the moment. Sadly no wine and still some itchy eyes but otherwise a big improvement.