Week 74: Wheel Peeple

April 21, 2024

Fixing Things. I have been working on new feature for Regal that allows some linter violations to be fixed automatically. This is tricky for a few reasons, namely that fix operations are not independent and after one has been applied, another issue might have moved or disappeared all together. This functionality will be exposed as a new CLI command and via Code Actions in the language server.

Sleeper Train. I travelled back to London on Monday morning on the Caledonian Sleeper. I'd booked late so had to pay extra for a room with a loo, this was actually quite handy and meant I could say in my little box alone all night. I made the mistake of using the top bunk though, it was a major squeeze and getting down the ladder felt quite precarious.

I've rolled out a NextDNS config for my parents house. Now that I have Tailscale access to their router, I was able to do this remotely. I noticed that their ad-blockers seemed to have become disabled while I was there and this seemed like a better option. Fewer Ads, more available bandwidth. This, in addition to the router's queuing functionality makes me more optimistic about being able to work remotely from there in the near future.

There is now only one episode left of Shogun.

Out on the bikes!
Out on the bikes! View

Uploading Activities… I screwed up and somehow managed to upload all of my rides for the past two years (less than you’d think, around 80) to Anna’s Strava account! This is a common enough issue that there’s a support page for it, but not common enough to have a native functionality for. I had to use the Go FIT File module to parse all her activities and list the ones uploaded by a ‘Wahoo Fitness’ device. Took about an hour.

Other than that bump in the road, we’re building good cycling momentum. Copying some intro routes from the local cycling club has been a good cheat code. We’ve even planned a trip to cycle to Norfolk in June.

Dead Elephants. I migrated all my services using Elephant SQL, a soon to be discontinued, managed Postgres provider. I’ve opted to make use of the managed databases offered by Northflank, where I’ve been running my side projects for some time with great success.