Week 75: Etape

April 28, 2024

We managed to get in an 'MLR' (Monday Long Run) to start the week off right. I've been getting into just running laps in order to get distance up in the Heath. It makes it easier to just switch off and get it done.

Releases. Short work week this week, just Monday and Tuesday, but we still managed to get a new release of Regal out: v0.21.0. While not an exclusively language server release, it goes nicely with release v0.14.0 of the VS Code extension for OPA. We've been hard at work on a lot of new features for this release and it was great to get them all out before some time off.

Tuesday. I went to Strype Street Cycles to pick up a few things for this weekend's event. It's a good bike shop, maybe I'll get a new bike from there one day. I also had a nice morning co-cafe-working with a friend before curry for lunch.

Sleeper Training. Anna and I got the sleeper train to Inverness on Tuesday evening - with our bikes! Moving bikes from one end of the country to the other can be a daunting task but getting a coveted sleeper bike booking is one of the better options. I just wish there was space for more than 6 bikes...

The Bear. We're late to the party, but so were mum and dad. We managed get them up to speed with us just in time for our arrival so we've been enjoying watching that this week all together.

Quinag Hike with Mum and Dad
Quinag Hike with Mum and Dad View

Quinag. For a bit of variety and a change from the regular Stac Pollaidh trip, we ventured 'further up' to walk around part of Quinag, a complex of three Corbett peaks. It was really cold, but we had amazing views out over the sea to the western isles in the late afternoon.

NextDNS fun. I managed to take out the family internet by messing with NextDNS, it seems that by enabling caching on as part of the install, it's possible to break DNS resolution. Took me a while to work out why that was.

A is for Aviemore. It's 2024, and there's now a Parkrun in Aviemore! Anna, Mum and I took advantage of the (comparatively relaxed) 9:30am start and headed down to collect another event for our lists. It was a lovely route out and back along part of the Speyside Way.

The Loch Ness Etape, 2024. This week's trip is centered around taking part in a certain cycling event. It's an event that I took part in for the first time in 2022, and, after really enjoying it, was keen to do it again! This time I managed to convince Anna and Mum to ride around too so it was a group achievement, though we cycled separately. The 1C temperatures weren't quite cold enough to dampen spirits and it was a fab day all around. I'd love to make this one a regular fixture, provided we can get the sleeper bookings!