Week 77: Wembley

May 12, 2024

Codenames, we played it again. Once a regular office fixture, turned a solid COVID Zoom call activity. However, since then, with no return to office and no more COVID Zoom, it’d fallen into distant memory… it’s a fantastic game and I really enjoyed playing it again.

Storage Console. A name for the project I’ve been planning for some time. I’m keen to replace my personal cloud storage with something I run myself. I’ve built the server, but now I need the software. This week I’ve been weighing up testing the database and object storage code with mocks and in memory alternatives. In the end, I've decided to build my tests against container instances of Minio and Postgres using Testcontainers. I plan to use these services for real on the server and depend on enough features (such as content hashing in the Minio s3 API, and complicated joins). It makes tests slower, but I think that the safety from testing against real instances will be valuable for an application who’s responsibility is storing my photo collection.

Completions. There is a feature of the language server protocol for providing suggestions as users type. We’ve been working on an implementation of this in Regal to suggest simple things like package names, imports and built in functions. While this isn’t the final item on the LSP shopping list, it’s an important improvement to the existing functionality.

Laps. It’s been my final full training week for the Hackney Half Marathon. I’ve been enjoying making up longer runs as a series of laps, where each lap is around 10 minutes. It’s nice to be able to switch off but while also having a means of totting up the distance without looking at your watch.

The Bear. So very late to the party, but we finished The Bear! It’s given me a new appreciation for restaurants and been a fascinating behind the scenes look as well as a great story. The teaser for season three also uses Love on a Real Train which was very acceptable.

Womens FA Cup Final. We went with some of Anna's friends to see the a football game at Wembley. It was quite the experience! Wembley is huge (since learned it's the largest currently open stadium in Europe). I also learned interesting things like how strict football security is these days... (no camera for you). It was nice to watch football without commentators.